Winter Chess

9 Open internacional LLucmajor, 2020

Type of Tournament
Open international tournament in 9 rounds, Swiss system, elo computable FEDA, FIDE and FCE also valid for obtaining international standards

Tournament valid in Catalonian Circuit in A cathegory

Please see the Prizes section

* The prize must be collected in person by the player who has won and the closing ceremony of the tournament, otherwise it is understood that the player waiver thereof and therefore the prize is desert.

From May 17th to 24th of 2020

Round Day Time
1 Sunday 17th  10:00
2 Sunday 17th  20:30
3 Monday 18th 20:30
4 Tuesday 19th 20:30
5 Wednesday 20th 20:30
6 Thursday 21th 20:30
7 Friday 22th 20:30
8 Saturday 23th 16:30
9 Sunday 24th 09:30

System Play
The games will be played at the rate of 90 minutes for the whole game + 30 seconds increment per move from move one.

It establishes a timempo of toleracióa of 60 minutes from the home of the round, so that the player can reach the game, after this time will be given the game as lost.

Any player may requesta maximum of two bye of half point and it must do so in writing to any of the referees of the tournament before the end of the previous round bye to the request.

Bye for the last two rounds must be request before finish the second round.

Invited player for organization can not ask bye.

1-particular outcome

The following tiebreakers will be drawing after finish last game

2 - recursive performance
3 - recursive 
4 - rating average of all opponents less two badest

Club Nautico Arenal

You can take part all kind of player, whatever their title, or ranking, provided you have some sort of federal license in force.

Initial list
Players will be sorted by their elo high to low.


  • First apply the ELO FIDE.
  • In case a player has no FIDE ELO will be aligned based on their elo FCE as if it were the FIDE elo.
  • If a player does not have FCE ELO FIDE or will be ranked based on their elo FEDA as if it were FIDE elo.
  • Players without FIDE elo, FCE, or line up at the end FEDA alphabetically.

This mass will define alignment stretch is that the player to obtain rewards.

€ 50 for players in the FBE licensed, and FCE
€ 50 for players staying in some of the official hotels.
€ 20 for players under 16 years old
€ 80 for all other participants.

Entries can be made until Wednesday May 13th, 2020, after this date will not guarantee participation.

Exempted from registration fee players invited by the organization

The Organization reserves the right to refuse admission

The organization has achieved special prices for players and guests that require it, see hotel section for details.

For any questions please get in touch tel. +34 667 246 104 or email

Privacy Policy
Participants in the tournament authorize the publication of their personal data in the various media that the organization considers desirable for the necessary publicity of the event (listings results, standings, players, games, etc..)

Any matter not provided for in these rules shall govern the tournament FIDE regulations.

The tournament fee implies acceptance of these rules.

The arbitration board will be available to participants complaint forms